Fun Times

It is 4:15 am and I just remembered that tomorrow (today?) I have an appointment at the car dealership about 30 minutes away. This is gonna make for a long day. Ugh. I have grocery shopping to do which means I have coupons to clip. Maybe I can take my coupons with me and work on them while I wait. Not to mention, my car is a disaster! The last time I took my car in to be serviced i had asked them not to do the complementary vacuuming because it was such a wreck inside. (we had just returned from a 12 he road trip.) To my horror…they did! Somehow they vacuumed around each individual piece of clutter. So I am determined to have my car clean this time so the vacuum guys won’t be like “the dirty car lady is back again!”

The last time i was at this dealership not only was i horrified by having my filthy car vacuumed but my phone was also stolen. Right before my eyes. If will be my mission to protect my phone this time. A small part of me is hoping that I find it while there. Whether it be in the hands of a dishonest employee or stashed away in a lost and found bucket somewhere. Ah well I can dream!

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