Today was too much for me. Too many unfinished tasks. Too many messes. After my 19th attempt to get coupons and a dinner list prepared so I could go grocery shopping I kinda lost my mind. I began taking my frustrations out on the poor kids. My husband came downstairs from his home office and let me know I was disturbing his work.

Did I mention that the baby has been fussy all day. Refusing to eat anything other than breast milk and stray toys found on the floor has really taken it’s toll on him. Why wont he eat??

How do you cope when you are having a meltdown? I loaded the kids in the car and drove to the neighborhood playground and sat in the minivan and cryed while the two older kids played. Jacob, the baby, slept in his carseat. Go figure.

Do you ever get in a funk like this? I feel so out of place in my house. Everything is cluttered. Despite my endless efforts to get things organized. Things will never be organized. Ugh. I am thinking of staying up late tonight to get things somewhat back on track.

In the meantime I will be searching for my Happy Place. The past few days have been lonely without it. 😦

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Fun Times

It is 4:15 am and I just remembered that tomorrow (today?) I have an appointment at the car dealership about 30 minutes away. This is gonna make for a long day. Ugh. I have grocery shopping to do which means I have coupons to clip. Maybe I can take my coupons with me and work on them while I wait. Not to mention, my car is a disaster! The last time I took my car in to be serviced i had asked them not to do the complementary vacuuming because it was such a wreck inside. (we had just returned from a 12 he road trip.) To my horror…they did! Somehow they vacuumed around each individual piece of clutter. So I am determined to have my car clean this time so the vacuum guys won’t be like “the dirty car lady is back again!”

The last time i was at this dealership not only was i horrified by having my filthy car vacuumed but my phone was also stolen. Right before my eyes. If will be my mission to protect my phone this time. A small part of me is hoping that I find it while there. Whether it be in the hands of a dishonest employee or stashed away in a lost and found bucket somewhere. Ah well I can dream!

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